Rising Temperatures and Leaving Inflammable Material in Vehicle Pose Serious Risks: UAE Officials Warn of Car Fires During Summer Heat.

Car fires

During the hot summer months, Dubai Authorities have warned against storing flammable objects inside cars, as this might increase the risk of fires. Officials have cautioned that the rising temperatures in the summer can create fires. The biggest cause of automobile fires in Dubai, according to Dubai Authority, is failure to receive annual safety inspections from reputed automotive service centres and leaving flammable goods in cars such as perfumes, lighters, or sanitizing sprays.

From the news sources, the number of car fires in the summer has increased in recent years, resulting in both human and material losses. This year, bushfires were reported in automobiles, buses, and trucks. Poor inspection or servicing performed by non-certified shops were the main causes. Faulty equipment can cause fires by causing a failure in the car’s electrical system. Drivers should have their vehicles serviced on a regular basis. They must take their cars to reputed garages for service and avoid making unapproved changes or employing parts that are incompatible with the vehicle’s electrical system. In current history, the number of car fires during the summer has increased significantly, resulting in fatalities and significant financial loss.

Keep these safeguards in mind while travelling before you go on your journey, keep an eye on your engine oil and radiator levels. At gas stations, turn off the engine and don’t smoke. We will concentrate on annual safety inspections that should be performed by reputed car service centres. You must firmly close the gasoline tank cap. In the automobile, keep a fire extinguisher. And always have a first-aid kit on board. A car accident or poor maintenance can cause a fuel leak, but it can also occur naturally as the vehicle ages. As a result, we require the top car accessories in Dubai. The use of the appropriate equipment is critical for protecting against the extreme heat of summer and the causes of car fires.

As per the expert, multiple cars previously caught fire in a Dubai parking area. Investigations revealed the presence of flammable substances close, which started the fire in one of the vehicles before spreading to the others. Do not leave combustible liquids inside a vehicle. Motorists must also remember to unplug all electrical gadgets in their vehicles before leaving them, as these items can overheat and burst into flames, in hot climates.

Failure of doing regular car maintenance is the most crucial reason behind car fires. You should try to use only genuine car spare parts in Dubai and inspect your vehicle on a regular basis. If there is an error, go to the next auto spare parts shop as soon as possible. As soon as there is any smoke, people should exit their vehicles quickly and stay away. People should be aware of how to use automobile fire extinguishers and what to do in the event of a vehicle fire. It is critical not to leave kids alone in automobiles.

There is a lot of heat outside, so keeping the level of water in your car’s tank is critical. Low levels of water in your car’s tank can cause overheating of the engine, which can lead to a fire. So you should always be aware of the level of water in your car. Poorly connected electric cables, particularly in older vehicles, can ignite fire even when the engine is turned off. Leaks in the fuel system are dangerous and are frequently cited as the most common cause of car fires according to experts, illegal modifications that do not meet permitted standards, as well as the use of fraudulent parts that are incompatible with the vehicle’s electrical system, exacerbated the situation.

Officials also urge closing the gasoline tank cap carefully, not smoking near a heated vehicle, turning off the engine when refueling, and keeping a fire extinguisher and becoming familiar to use it. And keep a first aid kit inside the vehicle. If they feel anything burning or see rising flames, they should pull over to the side of the road, turn off the engine, and then get out quickly.