Nissan introduces new 9-speed automatic transmission in the region for an elevated driving experience

Nissan Spare Parts Dubai

In the era of technology, where each brand is thriving for giving a better user experience to the customers, Nissan came up with a unique featured car of 9-speed with automatic transmission. As the name aptly defines, “Pathfinder” is providing a smooth driving with seven drive and terrain modes which fits the car in better tackling in all terrains. With the feature of such transmission, drivers will experience a better control and smooth drive in both city streets and off beating.

To provide the comfort of driving to each of the valued customers, Nissan has introduced the paddle shifters and ‘Hill start Assist’ in all the models of the car. Those who are interested in purchasing certain 4WD variants will also get to experience the Hill Descent Control function, which gives a better hold on the drive in the hilly terrain.
The technology of quick response automatic transmission has improved the fuel efficiency to a great extent without impacting the power output. The 9-speed automatic transmission is lighter than the usual continuously Variable Transmission (CVT)’. With the combination of modified design, highly responsive actuators and 9-speed lighter transmission provide higher efficiency and better driving experience.

In its segment,‘Pathfinder’ demonstrates the widest gear ratio that provide highly responsive gear changes. Even the first gear gives instant pickup and the ninth gear try to keep the rotation of the engine as low as possible to give better fuel efficiency. With its classic look and capabilities, the vehicle is placed as a family adventure carand well capable of providinga pleasure ride in all kinds of road and terrains.

The 7-seater vehicle has climate controlled front seats and 2nd row heated seats which provides an all-day ride of comfort. There is an option for heated steering wheel which keeps the hand warm and give a comfort grip during cold days. Additionally, the car carries a panoramic moon roof which gives a gaze of the sky from all the three rows. The designers have provided the unique feature of tri zone automatic temperature control which has the capability to provide three different climate zone at the same time based on the requirement of the traveler.

The Nissan 9-speed automatic transmission car has a remote engine start system, where tapping on the intelligent key can experience a cozy cabin while entering the vehicle. The rain wipers are auto-sensed, and the wiper speed is self-adjusted depending on the rainfall and vehicle speed. There is a wide network of distributor of Nissan auto spare part shops in Dubai that helps in quicker availability of the spares. Apart from the service centers, one can avail the freedom to buy from various auto spare parts shop that deals with genuine spares for the many vehicles.

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