Navigating the Maze of BMW Spare Parts in Dubai: Tips, Resources, and Where to Find Genuine Parts

Quality spare parts in Dubai

When you think of luxury, premium cars you’d think of BMW along with the different cars out there. BMW is known for its premium cars, sleek designs, and high performance. Maintaining and taking care of such cars is expensive and finding genuine quality spare parts for them can be both expensive and difficult.

Although it is difficult, does not mean it is impossible. If you are looking for genuine, high-quality spare parts for your BMW, the BMW spare parts in Dubai are the way to go. One place offering these would be Nojoom Sindbaad Trading LLC, located in UAE.


It is easy to get scammed or not find the parts you want in good quality. BWM spare parts should be of the same standard as that of the original. Some tips for identifying genuine spare parts are:

  1. Serial numbers and holograms: these are used to track the spare parts and most genuine spare parts have it printed on the package or on the spare parts itself. Fake ones usually use stickers.
  2. Lesser cost: spare parts sometimes cost more than the original parts, especially when it comes to high-end cars. Compare prices in the market to identify and understand which ones could be genuine.
  3. Typos and incomplete instructions: When buying the spare parts check for any typos or mistakes on the packaging and if the instructions make sense for the spare parts and are complete. Small mistakes like these give away the fact that the part you got is most likely not genuine.
  4. Packaging: Genuine spare parts come in high-quality packaging. Could be the specific print of the package, thickness, quality, etc.
  5. QR Code: Spare parts come with a QR code on the packaging to ensure their genuineness and help track the product.
  6. RFID Tags: These can help trace back to the manufacturer and ensure you get genuine, high-quality spare parts.
  7. Compare parts: Compare the spare parts you’re getting with the original to see if they are the same. If there is even a small subtle difference, you’ll understand whether it is real or fake.

You can also check for the authenticity of the spare parts you get. Checking and looking if the manufacturer you’re buying from is authorized to do so, enquiring about the warranty and verification to see if the parts are genuine, and comparing prices.


You can get spare parts for your vehicle online by browsing through different online catalogs to find the parts you need for your BMW. Different websites, auto part trading companies, and manufacturers offer spare parts.

You can contact them, enquire with them, make sure of the authenticity of the parts, verify they are real and about the quality, and order the spare parts you need. BWM themselves offer and manufacture spare parts. So, you can check that out as well.

Another resource for finding genuine parts is looking into traders, and manufacturers in the UAE. BMW directly manufactures or sells these in different outlets within the UAE. One outlet is Nojoom Sindbaad Trading LLC, which gives genuine spare parts and accessories for your BMW.


Looking for a place to get genuine spare parts can be difficult. OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) spare parts are a good alternative. The only difference between a genuine spare part and an OEM is that OEM spare parts do not include the company logo, unlike genuine parts, and sometimes do not guarantee the same quality as the real deal.

OEM spare parts are a good alternative as it can sometimes be a cheaper option and while OEM spare parts work just as well, genuine spare parts assure quality, you can get the specific part you want, and assured safety.

You can get genuine spare parts for your BMW directly from the BMW dealer. To guarantee the genuineness of the spare parts, you can opt for BMW spare parts in Dubai or anywhere in the UAE.


Your BMW deserves the best care there is and the best high-quality genuine spare parts. BMW spare parts in Dubai are made directly by the BMW manufacturer, and are designed to fit your BMW perfectly, assuring high performance and quality, without compromising safety. Nojoom Sindbaad Trading LLC, a leading distributor of auto parts, located in UAE, offers just that.