5 Common Ford Suspension Problems and How to Fix Them

5 Common Ford Suspension Problems and How to Fix Them

Ford cars are known for their smooth ride, outstanding performance, and innovative designs. Moreover, the maintenance cost for a Ford in Dubai is cheap when compared to their European counterparts. Car maintenance is important and necessary for assured safety and a smooth ride. A car suspension system ensures a smooth and safe ride, shock absorption, keeping the tire in contact with the road, and increased brake efficiency.

Different problems arise with prolonged use of a car. Ford cars have suspension problems. Let’s take a look at what car suspension is and the 5 common suspension problems in Ford cars.


Car is one of the most commonly used modes of transportation by people. Car suspensions allow you to have a smooth and safe ride, keeping the tire in contact with the road, and giving the driver full control of the car.

In short, the main purpose of a car suspension system is to assure comfort while driving, contact with the road, and control over the car. Damages to this suspension system can take away these factors.


Known for the smooth ride, Ford cars can also have suspension problems. Suspension problems cause a bumpy ride, poor handling, and noise. Parts of the suspension system include the shock absorbers, struts, ball joints, and bushings.

All these components in this car suspension system work together to help you drive smoothly and safely. 5 common Ford suspension problems are:

  1. Air leaks: In Ford vehicles equipped with air suspension, air leaks are a common suspension problem. This happens when the air springs are damaged. With an air suspension system, all parts are powered by air. Any minor leak can prevent the suspension system from working properly and if left unfixed, can be dangerous.
  2. Loose Steering: This happens when the steering wheel bolts or the ball joints become loose after prolonged use. This causes the vehicle to move and drift on its own.
  3. Poor shock absorption: If you feel excessive bouncing as you drive, this could indicate damaged shock absorbers. Shock absorbers are meant to cushion the impact as you drive over bumps and potholes, ensuring a smooth ride.
  4. Uneven Tyres wear: If you feel your car tilting to the side while you drive or when parked, it could mean that the suspensions on your tires are loose and need to be fixed.
  5. Vibration: If you feel vibrations as you drive at a certain speed, this could indicate that the suspension is loose, worn out, or damaged.


We’ve looked at the few common suspension problems faced in Ford cars. These problems usually occur after prolonged use of these vehicles, and if left unattended it could prove to be dangerous. Let’s look at ways to fix these problems.

  1. Fixing air leaks: To check for air leaks, inflate the rubber bladder and spray a soapy water solution on it. If you see a bubble rising, that indicates small holes are causing the air leaks. To fix this leaking air strut, you will need to replace the entire suspension assembly as these cannot be patched.
  2. Fixing loose steering: Sometimes just simply tightening the steering bolt could solve the problem and some other times you might have to replace the gearbox. If you find your steering to be loose, go to your local mechanic to fix it, and leaving it alone can prove to be dangerous.
  3. Fixing shock absorber: Not every shock absorber problem can be solved. Replacing the mounts, shock absorber bushings, seals, piston, and compression oil separately, can solve part of the problem. It is important to know and identify what exactly is causing the problem and get it fixed.
  4. Fixing Uneven Tyre wear: Common causes for this could be tire pressure, damaged suspension system, unaligned wheels, or problems in the brake system. Rotating the tire can help with even wear. But if it persists, go to your local mechanic and get it fixed, since finding the underlying cause of this is important.
  5. Fixing Vibration: Get your tire alignment and the suspension system checked. If fixing the tire alignment doesn’t stop the vibrations, do get it professionally checked as it could be a problem with the suspension system.

By buying genuine spare parts from shops in Dubai you can ensure a smooth and unforgettable ride in your Ford!


Common problems that arise due to a damaged and worn-out suspension system after prolonged use of your car include air leaks, uneven tire wear, vibrations, noises, bumpy ride, loose steering, and if left unattended, becoming dangerous.

Most problems are easily avoidable and can be fixed easily. If you face any of these problems, don’t leave it unattended. Go to your local mechanic at the earliest to ensure that everything is in good condition. It is also advised to do routine maintenance of your car to avoid potential discomfort or dangerous while driving.