Off-roading Gets More Exciting with Nissan Patrol Super Safari 2022 Newly Announced Upgrades

Off-roading Gets More Exciting with Nissan Patrol Super Safari 2022 Newly Announced Upgrades

Off-roading enthusiasts in UAE are up for some exciting times as Nissan announces aesthetic as well as technological upgrades to its successful and flagship vehicle, the Nissan Patrol Super Safari. The region is known for its grating terrains, harsh weather and even sand dunes. To make the hardcore Super Safari even more compatible for the region, Nissan is adding features to fortify their base in the UAE automobile market.

The exciting new additions to this model include a 4.8litre in-line six-cylinder engine that gives performance of up to 280 horsepower and 451Nm of torque. The new Super Safari is also upgraded in terms of its looks- both on the outside and inside. The interiors are available in the options of cabin with PVC, woven fabric, or tan leather seats. There is also the option of having the special Super Safari emboss on leather seats. The exterior of this vehicle is suitable to its ‘off-roading beast’ persona. First of all, it is available in three colours- classic white, black, or gold. There is option of picking gold or grey accents for the roof, bumpers, tyre covers, and wheel arches. The vehicle’s look is sure to appeal auto enthusiasts who are looking to explore the terrains of UAE at a fast pace with superior performance since it is equipped with state-of-the-art VTS and NICS along with the option of manual or 5-speed automatic transmission.

Speaking about the new upgrades in Nissan Patrol Super Safari 2022, the Managing Director of Nissan Middle East, Mr. Thierry Sabbagh said: “The region’s sustained love and demand for the Patrol Super Safari is reflective of the deep-rooted heritage of this all-terrain vehicle with the people of the Middle East and its compatibility with the deserts of the Arabian Peninsula. The 2022 model retains the Super Safari’s off-road prowess, offering customers in the Middle East value and convenience through the integration of innovative design and technological elements.”

Nissan Patrol Super Safari 2022 with its newly announced upgrades is surely already creating a buzz amongst auto lovers and the UAE market is looking forward to this rugged vehicle. The features, interiors, looks and performance of the vehicle all look as promising as the current variant.

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