How do we know if our BMW’s wheel bearings need replacement?

How do we know if our BMW's wheel bearings need replacement

Bayerische Motoren Werke AG, also known as BMW, speaks the language of luxury in the automobile world. The sophisticated yet adoring craftsmanship of the BMW has impressed so many generations of automobile enthusiasts. When it comes to the BMW series, it’s purely not just a design to impress, but a ride to express enthusiasm. Why don’t we take up the high road while ensuring peak yet safe performance while driving?

It’s time to get those wheels rolling, but wait, are you truly ready?

The wheels of the BMW need more attention and care than you think and here’s why!

Firstly, nobody wants to risk their life over a minor mistake. Maintenance is key and changing parts when needed is a necessity. The danger outlives the ignorance and we can’t make the mistake of overlooking the need for replacement. So keep your vehicle in check no matter what the time and where the place is.

Secondly, certain conditions and situations are not under our control. The roads and city infrastructure can interfere with our driving. Don’t put yourself in the situation of rethinking whether it’s time to reinstall car components. Always stay on top of your automobile situation. Let’s take a look at the situation of wheel bearings.

Have you really thought about what causes wheel bearing noise? Overall, the problem is with your wheels or it has to do with the road you are traveling on. Other basic questions include-

When should I change my BMW wheel bearings?

Those sets of steel balls on your wheels ensure proper rotation and smooth acceleration of your vehicle. Obviously, wheel bearings are important for the car’s functionality. The performance of the BMW is widely appreciated for its convenience, smoothness, and agility. Just for a moment you happen to hear an unusual noise of grinding even though the tire looks perfectly clean from the exterior, don’t hesitate to take it for a complete inspection. It’s mandatory to re-check your wheel bearings at the slightest hint. The interference in the rotation of the wheel can be both seen and heard if you look carefully. Quality assured wheel bearings can last up to 136,000 to 160,000 kilometers.

Is it Safe to Drive with Wheel Bearing Noise?

The lack of assurance in the question itself answers the question because there is no way any car is safe to drive when you hear an abnormal sound coming from your tires. It’s as if you’re trying to enjoy ice cream while having a cold…it’s a big fat no!

Signs to Look Out for Before Changing Wheel Bearings

The basic scenario you can imagine is unusual noises from the car and ABS failure when it triggers the sensor. Unbalanced tires can wreak havoc while driving and braking the car. A good automobile dealer will be able to give a good diagnosis on both the root and consequences of the wheel bearing malfunction.

Make sure that you get a good replacement over a temporary solution. Auto spare companies like Nojoom Sindabaad Trading LLC promise genuine products and servicing to increase the lifespan of your car.

What is the Replacement Cost for a BMW Ball Bearing?

The average estimated BMW wheel bearing price is up to $350 but do expect variations depending on the model, year of production, and location. The replacement cost is still a worthy investment as it can assure complete safety.


The BMW’s peak performance depends on the quality of the servicing, its parts and holistic car health. In the automobile world, there are no primary or tertiary concerns. It all comes down to immediate fixes and taking zero risks. So make sure your BMW is in pristine condition with proper periodic servicing.