Common Water Pump Issues in Fords and How to Prevent Them

Common Water Pump Issues in Fords and How to Prevent Them

The water pump helps with regulating the temperature of the car and it is crucial to note down that the primary role of a water pump is to balance the heat produced throughout the engine, radiator, and heater core.

The higher the temperature of the engine, the greater the risk of significant damage, such as a fractured engine block and damage to other car components. The ford water pump failure is common and its severity is known to so many people who own the same model.

Common Signs of Water Pump Issues

Despite the lawsuit and worldwide concerns, the issue with the water pump component continues to exist commonly among Ford cars. The problem gets severe when the coolant mixes with the oil, affecting the functioning of the engine.

Another major setback is the requirement of overall engine replacement due to the interference of the coolant with the oil. The consumer has to get the replacement service and even until today the defective design has barely received a recall for the major bug.

Here is the interesting question, What are the obvious signs of water pump issues in Ford? And what happens when the water pump of the vehicle fails?

The signs of water pump issues can be easily understood.
  • Initially, you can notice leakage happening from the coolant. The seals are interrupted, where a visible wear and tear can indicate the sign of damage. Even the subtle signs of leakage should be checked with the dealers, in order to fix the damage immediately. Make sure to check both the shaft seal and the water pump gasket for the leaking problem.
  • Many Ford owners have reported to find loose belts or bearings which causes grinding noise from the pump area. This is also a sign which cannot be overlooked as the noise is clearly coming from the front of the car’s engine. Also it is important to remember that the water pump can also have issues with regulating the temperature over time, due to corrosion and buildup around the engine.
  • The issue with the water pump is prone to cause serious accidents or damage to the engine if the right maintenance at the right time is not given. If you are looking to address the defect, check in with NMSD auto spare parts shop for reliable solutions. NMSD service staff will help you diagnose the problem with precision and provide you with the right technical support.

How to prevent water pump failure:

Preventing the possible damage is a better option than requiring the replacement at the time of crises.

  1. With regular maintenance and changes to the coolant, you can minimize the possibility of damage.
  2. Ford owners should be cautious with the choice of replacement they make. Use the right kind of coolant recommended by Ford. It is recommended to use a bullet proof diesel billet water pump as it is reliable to use for years.
  3. Make sure to inform the dealers about inspecting the belt as loose belts can affect the operation of the engine.
  4. Check for overheating and give your car away for immediate servicing. The engine will react to create serious accidents if you do not check up on the temperature of the car components.

What is the cost of replacing the water pump of Ford ?

Clearly the service cost depends on the model of the vehicle and the age of your car is one major factor. The labor charges can be high as per how much dissembling and adjustment are required. The cost can be somewhere around $375 to $787 but make sure to personally get in touch with the dealers to know on what basis the costs add up for replacement. You can expect a high cost when there is a need to replace the engine as a whole.

In conclusion

A permanent solution for less recurrence of water pump defects has to do with the dealings of the company themselves but ultimately we have the choice to take the apt preventative measures to make sure that your Ford vehicle remains in top condition. Always remember that the right choice of car servicing can extend the lifespan of your car. All it requires is a little extra care, attention and maintenance at the right time. NMSD’s services can manage your Ford’s water pump problems with ideal solutions.