Audi and Verizon Join Hands to Bring 5G Network in the Vehicles

Audi and Verizon is bringing 5G conectivity

The luxury cars are about to get even more high-tech, as Audi of America has announced its plan to bring 5G network to its American fleet of vehicle. Verizon is the wireless network operator of choice to partner with Audi for this deal. With this, Verizon has entered into its first partnership with a luxury automobile manufacturer to bring to life 5G-powered vehicles.

Audi of America is partnering with the wireless network giant to add 5G network to its American vehicle line-up by 2024

The upcoming next generation of Audi vehicles will be enabled by 5G and are expected to hit the market by the year 2024. This will mean that buyers will get access to ultra-personalized experience in their Audi models with faster connectivity, newer features pertaining to assistance to the driver, real-time traffic updates, and overall better mobile services. The embedded 5G Ultra Wideband connectivity in Audi vehicles will open doors for newer innovations and augmentation in terms of high-tech experience for the users. In fact, Audi is not new to pushing the boundaries when it comes to providing networking options to its buyers. It was the first OEM to provide in-vehicle Wi-Fi hotspots in its vehicles. Now with embedded 5G Ultra Wideband , the Audi loyalists and newer customers will be treated to newer and better features.

5G-enabled connectivity technology will ensure many possibilities for the drivers and passengers in the new American line-up of Audi vehicles. Here are some of the features:

• Drivers will get AI-powered assistance with real-time traffic updates, route suggestions and even vehicle mode suggestions for a better driving experience;
• Passengers will be able to stream and download their choice of entertainment pieces online at higher speed and with much better quality;
• Audi and Verizon are developing the cellular vehicle to everything (C-V2X) technology to enable the Audi vehicle to respond to alerts and overall infrastructure surrounding them, including other vehicles.
• The C-V2X technology will ensure that passengers and drivers can get awareness about the ongoings around them even if they are not caught by front-view or rear-view mirrors or cameras or even the radar systems;
• The embedded maps and information/ entertainment systems in the vehicles will be taken a notch up to support HD quality and even 3D pictures/ videos;
• With 5G, Audi drivers will be able to update their vehicle’s software as well as firmware on the go. This will mean that the vehicle’s systems will remain up-to-date at any given time.

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